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A "Monster Kid Is Born"

On a lazy Saturday afternoon, more years ago than I would like to admit, I witnessed what would forthwith and forever transform me into a “monster kid.” 

Whilst my grandmother fixed lunch, my grandfather assumed his customary position: stretched out on the living room floor, chin propped in his hands, watching the telly. I sat astride his back, pretending to be a cowgirl who had just halted her horse at a watering hole.

Suddenly from the telly I heard, “It’s alive … it’s alive!”

And I watched ... rapt ... as the screams of terror and eerie atmosphere of Universal Studios’ 1931 gothic horror film “Frankenstein” suffused my entire being.

I was four years old. And I was hooked on horror.

I tried that day -- unsuccessfully I might add -- to create my very own man-made monster from a Styrofoam ball, some yarn and the dog’s blanket. 

Although I never did learn the dark secrets of creating a piecemeal monster from unearthed cadavers, I did discover polymer clay and digital art.  

And all these years later, I am finally fulfilling my dream.

I am creating the monstrous.

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